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Abus 14 Restricted Key System


Lock Solutions is excited to announce that we are now a dealer of the high security restricted key system Abus 14. Made in Germany and customised specifically for the Australian market this product is of exceptional quality and precision. Locksmiths by nature are extremely inquisitive breed and love nothing more than to pull apart and dissect any new product that comes to market. Not that we should of been surprised being from Abus but once we finally got our hands on the product we were so impressed with the quality, it just works and works well. It has multiple security features to protect against picking, bumping, drilling & impressioning, passing all areas to meet AS4145.2. 

Keys are design registered & patented to give you control over unauthorised key duplication. Once we set up and install the system you nominate who will be authorised to order additional keys, only on written request by authorised persons will we produce additional keys. This way you are always in control of who has keys and access to your premises. Only Abus 14 dealers have access to these products and dealers will only produce keys for systems that they installed.

From a single entry to a premises to thousands of doors across multiple sites Abus 14 can handle it all so if you are ready to replace your old expired key system or in the market for a new one we urge you to consider Abus 14, please contact us below or call 1800 647 347 so we can get the ball rolling for you.


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